Worldview: What we believe about the most important issues of life.

The ARTS play an important role in shaping a child’s worldview. Children are surrounded by the influence of the arts each and every day. Whether that is the music they listen to, the visual media they see, the books they read, or the films they view, the Arts play an irreplaceable role in shaping a child’s worldview.

Without a Biblical worldview of the arts, the arts become distorted, but with a Biblical worldview, the arts are seen as a canvas that God uses to vividly illustrate Truth and illuminate the heart of man.

Worth: What we perceive and believe about ourselves.

The arts also relate to worth, self-worth, what we perceive and believe about ourselves. The Arts also play a crucial role in affirming a child’s sense of worth. This is not just social pandering to self-esteem. The arts help children to relate to God’s creative nature. The arts develop true inner security by compelling every child to help illustrate, in some way, the very story God has been authoring since Genesis 1.

This is why the arts play such a vital role in the education process of Artios, not just in our conservatory and academy programs, but also in our academic program (Artios Preparatory). Creativity and creative output isn’t limited to just the arts, it is an integral part of our created nature.