Conservatory: Worldview

James has been married to Sarabeth Peavey since 2001 and is the proud father of 7 girls ages 1-12.  He has taught Sunday School at Eagles Landing FBC and is involved in their deaf ministry.  He holds a Masters in Management of Information Systems and is the network administrator for a local company.  With a passion for teaching and a gift for making complex topics easily understood, James is excited to be teaching High School students about having a Christian worldview.


Campus Director

Sarabeth is the wife of James Peavey, and mother to 7 girls (6 living) ages 12 and under. Formerly, Mrs. Peavey was an elementary school teacher and holds a current certifcation in Early Childhood Education.  She has been involved with Artios of Gwinnett for several years in various capacities and was led by God to open a new branch of Artios on the south side! She is a lover of God, strong in patience, faith, and servanthood. She is a long-time member of Eagles Landing First Baptist Church and continues to be involved in various Sunday activities. She and her husband James have led an adult Lifegroup there in the past.


Academy of Arts & History: Theater

Conservatory: Acting II; Elements of Production

Private/Semi Private Acting Lessons

Tammy Jane Barton is honored to be working at Artios Academies of South Atlanta. Mrs. Barton has been active in theatre for over 43 years and has been working as a professional actress/director since 1989. She has worked in or created school, community, civic, professional, Christian and special needs theatre programs nationwide. Tammy has directed well over 150 productions to date, is a published playwright with Heurer Publishing out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa and a theatre workshop and drama camp instructor and curriculum creator. Tammy has been a private acting coach for over 25 years and seen many of her students enjoy professional careers in theatre, movies and television. Tammy attended Cerritos College in California with a major in Theatre Arts, where she was active in theatre productions and professional tours. She has directed for numerous local theatre companies including The Front Porch Players, Twilight Theatre and Southside Theatre Guild as well as served as Artistic Director for many years for Fayette Community Theatre, Inc., Fayette Coweta Family Theatre, Inc., Sharpsburg Onstage and A Company of Friends Theatrical Productions. Tammy currently is the owner and Artistic Director of A Company of Friends Educational Productions. She is a former Arts For Learning/Atlanta Young Audiences Teaching Artist and a former Disney Cast Member.

Tammy strives to bring God and all his goodness into every theatrical endeavor that she undertakes. She knows that it is all because of HIM that she is able to share God’s creative gift of theatre with others. Tammy and her husband, of 26 years, Kevin Barton, live in Senoia, Georgia with their three dogs, Rudy, Rhett and Rocky and two kitties, Ruxy and Rebel. She has been a Christian since she was baptized into Christ in 1973 and gives all the praise and glory for her everything in life to GOD!


Artios Club: Drama Club Assistant

Chaya Berrey has 7 daughters (including a set of twins).  Chaya is married to Thad, who has been pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in Hampton for 11 years. They love serving their church family together! As a homeschool mom, who herself was homeschooled through 8th grade, Chaya looks at homeschooling as a daily adventure and an awesome privilege. Her favorite homeschooling activities are read-aloud time and visiting local nature places to hike and explore.
Chaya grew up in Iowa (in the middle of the woods), and graduated from a small Christian school. She went on to attend Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC, where she received an undergraduate degree in Speech Education/Dramatic Productions and a Masters Degree in Biblical Counseling. Chaya’s heartbeat is to communicate truth from Scripture to people of all ages, helping them apply God’s Word to daily life. Since she was saved by grace through faith in Jesus when she was 11, God has been faithful to grow her, change her and teach her. She enjoys passing on the things God has taught her as she counsels women and teaches her 4th-6th grade Sunday school class.
Chaya has a variety of theatre and performance experience, including acting in various roles, directing Our Town as a senior project, student teaching in a high school theatre classroom, teaching freshman speech on the college level, teaching elementary drama for homeschool co-op classes, and traveling on a drama and theatre study tour to Greece, Italy and England. Chaya is looking forward to sharing her interest in drama and theatre with the students at Artios. She believes that no education is complete without hands-on experience in the arts! She loves the way Artios integrates this experience with history and language arts, all taught from a Biblical worldview.


Conservatory: Worldview

Thad Berrey has been the senior pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in Hampton, GA, for over ten years. He holds a Master of Divinity degree from Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC. Thad has additional education and experience as a pastoral, Biblical counselor, specifically in marriage and family and crisis counseling. He and his wife, Chaya, have been married for 12 years and they have seven daughters. When he’s not involved at church or spending time with his family, he enjoys hunkering down with a good cup of coffee and a book. He has also orchestrated the remodeling of five houses.


Artios Plus: Chorale; Drama Club

Private Voice Lessons

Noelle E. Gast is an alumna of Artios Conservatory (2006) and went on to receive a Bachelor of Arts in Vocal Performance from Asbury University. Her musical interests are very broad and encompass the history and performance of everything from Opera to Musical Theatre to Jazz, Blues, and Rock and Roll. Combining music with teaching is her earthly passion, and she is honored to be teaching/directing a variety of music classes, lessons, and shows with Artios Academies of Fine Arts, as well as private voice and piano lessons from her home studio. For more information on private lesson opportunities and student discounts contact her at ngast@artiosacademies.com. Noelle is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Artios of South Atlanta. It is a true joy to work with these wonderful students and staff.


Preparatory: Algebra; Chemistry

Cindy graduated in May with a Master’s Degree in Education from North Greenville University. She has been married for 24 years and has two children, ages 18 and 15, who she has homeschooled from preschool. She is an advocate for reading, writing, and making learning fun and applicable. Math and Science have always been her favorite subjects, and she believes they should be hands-on. However, as she has grown in knowledge through educating her children, she has developed a love of writing and an appreciation for history. She looks forward to being a part of Artios for the coming year.


Conservatory: Graphic Design; Photoshop

Artios Plus: Yearbook

Connie Herrell has practiced graphic design for over 20 years. She began her career with a BFA in Graphic Design from Eastern Kentucky University, her home state. In 2011, Connie attended Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and received an MFA in graphic design. Since then Connie has focused her expertise on design education. She joined the Artios Academies faculty in September of 2016 and is also teaching Adobe Illustrator and InDesign at General Assembly, a technology education hub for adult learners. This summer she will be teaching graphic design at SCAD Atlanta’s Summer Seminars for high school students.
Connie’s greatest interest in teaching lies with the idea that all students should learn graphic design. This is because technology—software, computers and the Internet—is making designers of all computer users, not just people that are creative and like art. She is happy to elaborate on this to any interested parents that would like their children to know design.
When not teaching or creating curriculum, Connie is parenting, creating, cooking, reading, and staying in touch with long distance family members. She is a board member of the College Park Historical Society and her family attends CityChurch Eastside in Atlanta. Connie resides in College Park with her husband, two daughters, and Scout, the family dog.


Academy of Arts & History

Jessie Karr is a wife to Danny and a mother to Danni,16; Eli, 3; and Charlotte, 17 months. She is currently a student at Grand Canyon University and will receive a Bachelor’s degree in Educational Studies in March of 2016.  She has been working with children since she was a child herself.  She taught in a two-year-old class for six years and enjoys learning alongside her students and watching the “light bulb” click on for them.  Jessie believes that students learn best through play and experience, and she is so thankful that Artios Academies offer students the opportunity to do just that.

In addition to teaching, she enjoys singing whether it be to her babies, in the church choir, or on the stage.  She also donates her time to local community theaters whenever possible.  She looks forward to using the arts to lead students to Christ.  Most importantly, she has had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ since 1996.  She grew up in church and knew about God in her head but made the heart commitment to serve Him and invited him into my heart almost twenty years ago.  She looks forward to growing in Him and in His Word until His appearing.


Administrative Assistant

Chorale Accompanist

Karla Metcalfe has been homeschooling her 3 boys, Micah (18), Jeremiah (17), and Jonah (17), for 10 years with the wonderful support of her husband, Shane.

She has worked with children for 20+ years, including a previous job as Children’s Director at Henry Baptist Church before taking the homeschool plunge and becoming a full-time mom. Being able to pour into her boys so intensely has been the best investment of her life.

Karla grew up in Oklahoma as a music director’s daughter.  As a preteen, her family moved to Georgia and soon after her father felt the Lord was calling him to be a missionary to Africa.  Missions and music are engraved deep into her blood; she would call them two of her greatest passions!  She is highly involved in her church in both the music ministry, as well as, a disciple-maker in their Summit ministry for teens.  She also greatly enjoys art and drama.

She loves how Artios incorporates so many of her passions into the integrated program and is so grateful to be a part of the team.  She prays that God uses her in teaching to help the kids see their purpose for Christ and use their lives even at an early age to serve and honor Him!



Preparatory: Elementary Science

Esther Pasedag has been married to Andrew for 22 years. Andrew and Esther are the parents of 5 children (1 girl and 4 boys) ages 6-20.  They have have home schooled each of their 5 children with their their oldest Hannah, now a 2nd year college students, being the first to graduate. Esther has been a leading home education since the late 1990’s and she is now recognized by many as an early leading advocate and home school leader in the area, having helped many parents understand the value of home education, debunked many homeschooling myths, linked others to resources and helped others successfully transition to homeschooling.

Over the years, she has been actively involved (as participant, teacher, leader) in many  local home education programs, co-ops and support groups. Some of these include, H.O.M.E. of Fine Arts, Masters Academy, J.C.H.E. (Jasper County Home School Educators), Macedonia Coop, Cherish Coop, many home school moms support groups, along with other programs. Esther has taught children in church settings for 35 years and is trained in many nationally recognized children’s training programs, both as a participant and trainer/teacher of others. Additionally, she has created and developed several children’s ministries and programs, overseen several growing children’s ministries, developed her own curriculum, resources and children’s discipleship materials, and helped enhance and refine established children’s ministries and programs.

Overall, Esther is a beloved teacher and has a gifting and passion for teaching and training children to have a Christian worldview, be critical thinkers, have a heart for life long knowledge and know and love God and live out His purpose for their lives.


Private/Semi Private Guitar Lessons

Stephen is is a senior in High School and has been home-schooled since kindergarten.  He has already developed into a well-rounded, servant leader and has been described by others as “teachable”, “a quick learner”, “hard worker”, “amazing artist” and having a “servant heart.” This has been evidenced by the many ministries and extra-curricular activities he has become a leader in. At Church Stephen can be found teaching children, helping in the nursery, being a “big brother”to younger teens, being a leader in the puppet ministry, an active “Yard squad” member to help widows with yard work, audio/visual support on the tech team, and participant in the “Compassion Team” ministry to seniors. In the athletic realm, he has been an award winning three-sport athlete (football, baseball and soccer). He has also used his drawing/illustration gifts for several ministries.  Stephen also has played on the worship team and bands for several churches.  He loves music and has been professionally trained in guitar but can also play the ukulele, bass guitar, mandolin and piano. In his free time he enjoys outdoor activities, movies and video games. Overall, he loves working with kids and using his talents to help others.


Academy of Art & History: Art

Conservatory: Painting/Drawing

Artios Plus: Art Club

Kyla Uekert was born in Indiana, grew up in Michigan and moved to Georgia after marrying her husband, Matt in February of 2008. God has blessed Matt and Kyla with three wonderful children, Alyk, Asa, and Quinn.

Growing up, Kyla attended a small, private, Christian school from preschool-12th grade. Throughout her grade school, middle school and high school years her very favorite school subject was art. Art quickly became Kyla’s number one interest, outlet and hobby outside of school. Kyla also enjoyed attending science class.

For the first one and a half to two years of college, Kyla wasn’t able to settle on an exact major. After completing all core courses at Ferris State University, Kyla took courses based on her personal interests in art and education. Kyla hoped these would play a major role in her future. Due to the fact that Kyla had previously completed a variety of courses in art and education, it made sense to shift her completed course credits into an Interior Decorating and Design major.

Kyla and her family attend Eagles Landing First Baptist Church where they have been members for the last six years. In her spare time, Kyla enjoys reading, creating art work, decorating, designing, spending time outside, swimming, soccer, ice/roller skating, homeschooling her children and spending time with family and friends.

Kyla feels privileged to be able to be a part of all the amazing things God is doing and will continue to do in and through Artios Academies.

Niki Wilson

Middle and High School History

Niki is the wife of David Wilson and the mother of Jillian, who is 12 years old. She has a Bachelor’s in Education with a double major in History and Language Arts. She is a member of Henry Baptist Church. Niki taught for 10 years in the public school system before deciding to stay home with her daughter when she became school aged.  She currently homeschools her 6th grade daughter.  Her passions include her relationship with Christ, her family, cooking, and history.  She has served in church leadership over preschool-aged children and considers all those she teaches as “her children”.