The Arts, Math, Sciences, Literature, and History gives us a glimpse into God’s character and the world he created. We teach these subjects to learn more about who God is.

Creative and Integrative Learning

We love Jr. High students. Most of us remember Middle school as a bit of an odd age; however, middle school is where homeschooling really starts to get fun! Its where lasting relationships begin to be created, where kids begin to find their identity, and where pivotal choices are made.

In Middle school, Artios students are beginning to learn who they are in Christ. They are discovering new gifts, talents, and abilities. They are questioning everything and they have a deep desire to understand the world around them and how it relates to the story God has been telling since Genesis 1. Our desire at Artios is to help foster this desire to understand God’s story and their role in it.

We foster this desire to understand Truth in two programs available to Middle school students. By enrolling your student in the Jr. High Conservatory and the Artios Preparatory, you are giving your student the opportunity to explore the arts, culture, math, science, and the world around them in a hands-on, creative, and integrative manner. This is an important part in ensuring that your student is fully prepared for every good work.


The Artios Jr. High Curriculum is focused on helping students see how every subject they study is interconnected and part of the story God is telling. With an extra focus on character building, the Jr. High curriculum provides our teachers with a spring-board to reach the hearts of students.


Jr. High students can take two programs at Artios: The Jr. High Conservatory, and the Artios Preparatory program. By enrolling in these two programs, you are offering your student the opportunity to take a hands-on, creative, and integrative approach to arts and academics.

  • Developing a love of learning through exploration!
  • Academic subjects in Reading, Math, Science, and History!
  • Arts subjects in Music, Art, and Drama,
  • Worldview Classes
  • Bible reading and character formation.

The Jr High Conservatory is a new program at Artios. Its a hybrid between our existing Academy program and our High school Conservatory program. Students are offered more choice and opportunities to both follow their passion and explore new areas of the arts, while still maintaining the Artios philosophies that are crucial to our Academy program. Students still register for the entire three and a half hour program; however, the classes are different. The Weekly class rotation for middle school students includes:

  1. WORLDVIEW: The worldview class will explore the different philosophies of the early modern-time period as well as giving the foundation for a biblical worldview. To do this, we will be utilizing a program called the Truth Project. It is a fantastic video series which includes some amazing apologists like Ravi Zacharias, Os Guinness, Del Tacket, By doing this, we hope to have some amazing class discussion and discipleship.  Click here to watch a video about the Truth Project.

  2. SYMPOSIUM: This symposium will be a workshop-style class covering various time-period related topics in the areas of art, music, theater, culture, design, film, photography, etc. It will be taught by some of our Conservatory and Academy teachers but also feature guest speakers from Christian college professors and working professionals.

  3. TWO ELECTIVES: The remaining two classes will be electives that are chosen by the students and parents. Students will be able to choose two of four electives offered each semester. Electives include film/video, musical theater, dance, elements of production, sculpture, architecture, web and graphic design, drawing/painting, and many more. 

Academics in the Jr High Preparatory Program are rigorous without sacrificing the hands-on, creative, and integrative approach to the classroom and assignments that Artios is known for. Students can take classes al-la-carte, or they can pursue their high school diploma from the Artios Preparatory program.

ENGLISH/LITERATURE: Students read literature from the historical time-period students are studying in history. They are reading the great books with a focus on relating the ideas in these books to the world they live in today.

HISTORY: Students study the four historical time-periods in history (Ancient, Medieval-Renaissance, Early Modern, and Modern) Our priority in history is not dates and times, but rather understanding the people and ideas that shaped the world we live in.

SCIENCE: “The Heavens Declare the Glory of God”. When we study God’s creation through science, we see God more clearly. Students at Artios learn about God’s creation in the areas of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Marine-Biology, and Anatomy.  We focus on experiential learning through field trips, labs, and other hands-on activities.

MATH: Students learn math with an emphasis as to how the order and logic found in math point to and glorify our God. Students can take Math, 7, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra 1. We focus on helping students relate what they are learning to real-world problems.


Artios Plus Clubs are extra classes designed to allow students to learn and explore deeper into a passion or interest.

  • Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced Choreography Club
  • Middle school Choir
  • Middle School Drama Club
  • Jr. Film Club (Grades 6 – 8)
  • Dance Studio Classes

You will never meet teachers who are more passionate about instilling a love of learning and shaping hearts than our Jr. High teachers. All teachers are not only degreed and qualified to teach, but they also have a unique ability to connect with each student as the individual God created them to be.

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