Middle School Offerings

Have a child that is in the 7th or 8th Grade? Artios Academies offers a variety of programs for your child. Academy and Plus classes take place on Mondays and Preparatory classes on Wednesdays.

Academy of Arts and History Program

Artios Plub Clubs

Preparatory Classes

Artios Studios

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A once-a-week program with integrated exposure and instruction by time period to:



Theater Elective Each Semester

Art Elective Each Semester

Academy classes take place on Mondays at Artios Greenville. Your child will go through a 4-course rotation which includes the subjects above, all based on a historical time period and with the foundation of a Biblical worldview.

Artios Plus clubs are extra classes designed to allow students to learn and explore deeper into a passion or interest and take place after the Academy rotation on Mondays.

Jr. Film Club

Middle School Art Club

Middle School Choir

Middle School Drama Club

Life and Study Skills

Most Preparatory classes take place on Wednesdays at Artios Greenville.

Literature (2018-2019 Time Period: Modern)

Writing and Mechanics

History (2018-2019 Time Period: Modern)


General Science


Life and Study Skills (Mondays)

Artios offers a variety of Private and Semi-Private lessons in many areas of the arts:





Praise and Worship Band Studio


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A Typical Middle School Artios Day  (Mondays)
Academy of Arts and History – Assembly
Theater Elective
Art Elective
  Lunch/All Artios Assembly
Afternoon Artios Plus Classes
*Bold classes are Artios Academy of Arts and History CORE classes.