The Artios Academies is a collection of three distinct, yet integrated, programs that exist to raise up students who are fully-prepared to do whatever God has for them.

The Academy of Arts and History 1.0 & 2.0 and Artios Plus

Artios Academy of Arts and History 1.0 is a K – 12th grade program with integrated exposure, by time period, to Music, Theatre, History, and the Arts. Artios Academy of Arts and History 2.0 builds on the 1.0 model, with a five class, historically integrated rotation of classes including:  history, literature/grammar/composition, music, theater and art. Artios Plus are clubs in various areas of the arts that can be added on to the Academy program.

The Academy 2.0 program is available at campuses in Danville, VA; Grand Haven, MI; South Atlanta, GA; Castle Rock, CO; Sugar Hill, GA; San Antonio, TX.

The Conservatory

The Artios Conservatory is an intensive practicum in Music, Theatre, Worldview, and the Arts for High School students in 9th -12th grade. Hands-on applied learning and apprenticeship opportunities make this a great program for students discovering talents and mastering skills with a consideration for a future in the arts as a ministry or profession.

The Preparatory

Artios Prep is a college preparatory program with small student/teacher ratios and customized learning experiences. Group projects, compositions, and presentations optimize all learning styles and create an immersive context tailored to the way your student learns best.