The Conservatory

The Artios Conservatory is an intensive practicum in Music, Theater, Worldview, and the Arts for High School students in 9th – 12th grade.

Students involved in the Conservatory program benefit from focused and specific classes in their chosen interest area as well as smaller class size, individual attention, coaching and mentoring. 

Artios Conservatory offers a distinctive approach to the arts by requiring each student to participate in the worldview class scope and sequence and by offering a broad approach to arts history and various arts disciplines. It is our desire to prepare students not only in their area of giftedness but also to help that student lay a firm Biblical and Christian worldview of the arts. Our minds should be filled with God’s ideas before interacting with the culture. This enables us to interact with the culture but not accommodate it. It is this approach that sets all Artios Academy programs apart from other arts programs and insures a safe and appropriate environment for arts instruction.

Conservatory Majors

Strands of study offered vary by location, but may include any of the following:




THEATER (acting or tech/media)


VISUAL MEDIA (film & digital/film photography)

All majors begin with basic foundational courses and progress to courses more specified to their major. The conservatory is completed with preparation for senior projects, recitals, shows and portfolios. Artios Advanced Arts Education Diplomas are awarded to graduates. Students enrolling in the Conservatory after their freshman year are eligible to receive credits based on prior instruction and demonstrated abilities and are thus eligible for either a full Artios Conservatory Diploma or a provisional diploma. Recent graduates from the Conservatory program have received arts related scholarships to a variety of colleges based on portfolios and auditions using materials and instruction received while attending the Conservatory.

Hands-on applied learning and apprenticeship opportunities make this a great program for students discovering talents and mastering skills with a consideration for a future in the arts as a ministry or profession.