The Preparatory

Artios Prep is a college preparatory program with small student-to-teacher ratios and customized learning experiences. Group projects, compositions, and presentations optimize all learning styles and create an immersive context tailored to the way your student learns best.

*Preparatory offerings vary by campus. For more detailed information on courses offered, please select your specific campus of interest.

In the Artios Prep we seek to equip students to reason, relate, discern, discuss, and express the Truth of Scripture, and in the process, we hope that students realize that it is shaping their character, building their confidence, and sharpening their conscience.  It is in that moment that true learning and true transformation takes place, and it is beautiful.

Assisting Parents, Not Replacing Them.

God has given parents the responsibility of teaching and training their children. It is our goal to be an extension of the home and to come alongside homeschool families by providing structured tutoring in core academic subjects. In providing an approach to education that is creative, integrative, and grounded thoroughly in a Biblical worldview, students are prepared to function as individuals who can reason and relate all issues of life to the doctrinal foundation of a Biblical worldview.

The Curriculum

At the Artios Prep we seek to use the most integrative, creative, and well thought out curricula out there. We use Teaching textbooks for our math classes, Apologia science for our science classes, and the Artios Home Companion Series for History, Literature, Vocabulary, Grammar, and Composition.


History & Literature: Artios Home Companion Series

Grammar & Composition:  Artios Home Companion Series

Math: Teaching Textbooks

Science: Apologia Science