Owner/Campus Director

Kelly Harvie has been married to Matt for 28 years. They have 5 grown children, ages 21 to 27. Her family has been involved with Artios since 2002. She and Matt had already decided to teach their children starting with Creation, and Artios was a great match for their family, both for her creative and athletic children. She has the unique perspective of witnessing her children benefit in college and beyond from the skills they learned at Artios. One valuable skill they learned was the ability to creatively express and present ideas to a variety of audiences. Kelly has enjoyed serving at Artios in several roles, including TA, carpool, teacher, and administrative assistant.


Director – Arts Program, K-8th


Academics: 1st Grade


Academics: MS Science, Biology, Marine Biology, Physical Science

Christine is a product of the Dekalb County school system and graduated from Emory University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Christine went on to work at Dekalb Medical Center as a Labor and Delivery nurse for over 12 years. When the time came for her one and only child to start kindergarten, God called the family to homeschool and to this unknown place called Artios. Not wanting to have an unsocialized, only child, the Boyd family eagerly signed up.  After a few years, Christine was asked to be a teacher’s assistant. After thoroughly enjoying all four time periods, Christine was asked to put her church children’s choir director skills to use as the Academy Elementary Music teacher. A few years later, academic science classes were added to the mix. Christine enjoys sharing the wonder of God’s creation with all of her students, both young and old.  Her passion for teaching her students at Artios has only grown stronger over the years, even though her child who started the whole journey has graduated.


Private Piano Lessons

Chorale Accompanist


Academics:  MS English/Language Arts and History

Velva has been a part of the homeschooling community for over 20 years. She has been married to Brad for many years, and together they have four adult children.  She has taught at Artios for years, moving from Primary Music and Drama to Middle School History and Language Arts. She considers teaching a creative outlet and strives to make History (and Language Arts) fun! She studied Early Childhood Education at Georgia State University.  

When Velva isn’t teaching, she is working for her family cabinet company. She enjoys serving in her church’s children’s ministry, and for fun Velva buys craft projects and moves them from room to room in her house. She also enjoys reading, baking and socializing with her family and friends!



Conservatory: Art, Digital Photography

Arts Rotation: MS Art

Odyssey of the Mind, HS Coach



Private Piano Lessons

Lisa has over 31 years of experience in teaching voice, piano, and working with choirs. A graduate of the University of Mississippi, she holds a Bachelors Degree in Music Education, a Masters Degree in Vocal Performance, and completed most of the work towards a Doctorate in Vocal Pedagogy. Lisa has performed as a soloist in the United States, Europe, and Mexico. She is active in ministry with her husband, Pastor Brian Cunningham, at Clairmont Hills Baptist Church. Lisa is the mother of three children and has home schooled for 12 years.


Private Guitar Lessons


Conservatory: Fundamentals of Music, Music Theory II – IV

Plus: Senior Chorale; Men’s Ensemble

Private Piano Lessons


Artios Plus: Elementary & MS Chorale, Women’s Ensemble

Conservatory: Songwriting

Private Voice Lessons

Noelle E. Gast is an alumna of Artios Conservatory (2006) and went on to receive a Bachelor of Arts in Vocal Performance from Asbury University. Her musical interests are very broad and encompass the history and performance of everything from Opera to Musical Theatre to Jazz, Blues, and Rock and Roll. Combining music with teaching is her earthly passion, and she is honored to be teaching/directing a variety of music classes, lessons, and shows with Artios Academies of Fine Arts, as well as private voice and piano lessons from her home studio. For more information on private lesson opportunities and student discounts contact her at [email protected].


Parent Partnership Coordinator

Amy is a wife of 21 years to her high school sweetheart, Scott, and mom to their three teenagers, Caroline, Jack, and James. Her family has been a part of Artios Gwinnett since the fall of 2008. She has taught science at Artios across several grades over the years. She holds a B.S. in Biology from Presbyterian College. When she started homeschooling, the Lord not only showed her that her evolutionary educational background was faulty, but He also created in her a joyful desire to re-learn the natural sciences from a creationist perspective. She delights in opening students’ eyes to God’s design in His creation. Her passion is for students to know God more deeply when they study the sciences.


Academy of Arts & History: Theater

Conservatory: Intro to Visual Arts


Preparatory: American Sign Language I & II, Spanish I & II

Arts Rotation


Conservatory Director

Artios Plus: Beginning Dance, Boys’ Dance, Intermediate Dance, Elements of Choreography, Technical Ballet


Arts Rotation: Elementary Art

Meredith has taught Elementary Art at Artios Gwinnett for nine years. Meredith graduated from Brenau University with a B.A. in Early Childhood Education. She and her husband, Dan, have been married for 23 years. They have two children, Emilie and Jake, who have attended Artios from the beginning of their schooling and have been very involved in the arts. Meredith believes that a Christian foundation in the arts has shaped her to see, with wonder and awe, the world through God’s eyes. Her perspective shapes how she teaches art in the classroom.

Meredith has always had a passion for drawing, painting, and crafting and hopes to explore that more in the future. She has always desired to play piano and at 45 years old has begun taking piano lessons. Her artistic and musical endeavors have been encouraged by her years at Artios.


Director: Academics

Academics: HS English 11th/12th grades


Registrar, Office Assistant


Plus: Dance Instructor

Drama Club Producer & Choreographer