“Smart is not the acquisition of facts…its wisdom.”

Creative and Integrative Learning

We love high school students! High school is where students are starting to come into their own. It’s a time where they begin to decide if they truly believe what they have been taught. They are learning who they are in Christ.

They are questioning everything and have a deep desire to understand the world around them and how it relates to the story God has been telling since Genesis 1. Our desire at Artios is to help students foster this desire to understand God’s story and their role in it.

High school is the time where students Character, Conscience, Compassion, Courage, and Heart is being challenged, equipped, and pointed towards Christ. At Artios, our goal for high school students is to ensure their creative and intellectual gifts and talents, are competent, fully-equipped, and their hearts are pointed towards Christ so that they leave Artios “Fully-Prepared” for every good work God calls them to.